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Press Release | May 04, 2021

Verogen Inc. announced today that it is debuting an affordable entry point to NGS on the MiSeq FGx® Sequencing System with the commercial launch of the ForenSeq MainstAY Workflow. The kit targets the core autosomal and Y-STR loci accepted by global databases, minimizing the need to validate additional markers. With two kit sizes and support for volume

Press Release | May 03, 2021

Interpace Biosciences, Inc. (“Interpace” or the “Company”) (OTCQX: IDXG) announced today that eviCore Healthcare (“eviCore”), a wholly owned subsidiary of Cigna, has updated their laboratory management guidelines to include positive coverage for ThyGeNEXT® and ThyraMIR®. This update, which impacts approximately 27 health plans nationwide covering 100 million lives, is effective on July 1, 2021. This means

Press Release | Apr 29, 2021

In celebration of Patient Experience Week (April 26-30, 2021), Onkos Surgical, a leading innovator of solutions for musculoskeletal oncology and complex orthopaedic procedures, today announced ongoing growth and adoption of its patient-centric innovations. These solutions are designed to help improve patient outcomes and experiences using the latest in precision anatomic modeling, 3D printing, design innovation, and

Press Release | Apr 07, 2021

Bonafide, the company pioneering mainstream medical use of drug-free, naturally derived health solutions for menopause, announces today that Dr. Alyssa Dweck will join its team as its Chief Medical Officer. Bonafide’s products are already trusted by over 9,000 unpaid health care professionals – primarily OBGYNs –  and 70,000+ women.

Press Release | Mar 30, 2021

Misonix, Inc. (Nasdaq: MSON) (“Misonix” or the “Company”), a provider of minimally invasive therapeutic ultrasonic medical devices and regenerative products that enhance clinical outcomes, announced today that it has expanded its capabilities to address the orthoplastics market by incorporating its recently introduced Sequel line of external fixators to complement its existing wound debridement and regenerative products

Press Release | Mar 23, 2021

Aktana, the global leader in intelligent customer engagement for the life sciences industry, announced the release of a dedicated configuration of their AI offering tailored to the needs of emerging and mid-sized biopharma companies. The new Aktana contextual intelligence offering provides commercial teams at any sized organization with the right insights and content at the

Press Release | Mar 15, 2021

Greenbrook TMS Inc. (TSX: GTMS) (“Greenbrook” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that its common shares have been approved for listing and trading in U.S. dollar currency on the NASDAQ Stock Market LLC (“NASDAQ”). Trading on the NASDAQ will commence at the start of trading on March 16, 2021 under the symbol “GBNH”. Greenbrook’s

Press Release | Mar 04, 2021

Misonix, Inc. (NASDAQ: MSON) (“Misonix” or the “Company”), a provider of minimally invasive therapeutic ultrasonic medical devices and regenerative products that enhance clinical outcomes, today announced that it has received a Health Canada license for the neXus® Ultrasonic Surgical System. This approval confirms that neXus meets the requirements of Health Canada, allowing Misonix to commercialize neXus, along with

Press Release | Mar 01, 2021

Nutrition21, LLC (“Nutrition21“) has announced the launch of its latest ingredient, Lustriva™, a clinically tested beauty-from-within ingredient that contains Bonded Arginine Silicate (arginine silicon inositol complex) and Magnesium Biotinate (Nutrition21’s proprietary biotin formulation). The latter is a unique combination that significantly increases biotin solubility 40 times more compared to standard D-biotin, which is commonly found

Press Release | Mar 01, 2021

Colorescience®, a leading dermatologist-recommended specialty skincare and cosmetics company, is pleased to announce an expansion of its best-selling Even Up® line of hyperpigmentation products.  New Even Up® Multi-Correction Serum ($89) features patented, clinically-proven Lumira® brightening complex to minimize the appearance of discoloration.  The addition of a novel peptide and lipid blend and powerful hydrating ingredients result in

Press Release | Feb 25, 2021

Interpace Biosciences, Inc. (“Interpace” or “the Company”), today announced that Blue Cross Blue Shield of Illinois, owned by Health Care Services Corporation (HCSC) and the largest health plan in Illinois with greater than 8 million covered lives, has entered into an agreement to provide both coverage and in-network status for Interpace’s molecular combination thyroid tests,

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